Fisilanis G. & Ritsos J.


Wood is the most appropriate material for the frames constraction regarding the insultion against the heat.In comparrison with metals wood insulating skills is 1800 times bigger than the steel and 4000 times than that of the aluminium.The usage of wood as a handle of hot things and utensils is a grat examples of insulating skill.

For all the reason mentioned above,wood was and will be the material prefered for the frames constraction,especially in cold regions,such as skandinavia,countries of former soviet union and generally contries of northe eure.

Though plastic frames are less insulating against the heat,and even less is the aluminium frames.In greece,aluminium frames are widely used but actually are unable to insulate and in fact store the cold or the heat,increasing the cost control of the heat in the iterior area.

So it is clear that usage of wooden frames to a building,reduce automatically the energy consumption that is necessary during winter for heating and during summer for cooling.Additionally,the advanced technology materials which are used in the production,of the wooden frames increase even more the frames insulating skiils against the heat offering a great result.