Fisilanis G. & Ritsos J.

Wood and ecology

All the previus decades,deforestation (total tree lumbering),the destroy of all the tropical and ancient forests and with no succesfull managment of the priority of world's forests are some of the factors that lead to the need for the creation of worldwide organisations which would proceed the idea of the enforcement of major principles regarding the management of sylvan areas.

F.S C AND P.E.F.C are two of the most famοus organisation of that kind.At the same time independent states or group of states ,not only follow the directions of the organisations mentioned above ,but also have signed global agreements that obligate the maintence of biovarity or the prohibition of flora and fauna trading etc

Nowdays,forest lumbering is not being done irrationally,the relative regulations are very strict and the penalties for those who are cutting trees illegally are severe.

All wooden products which are producted nowdays are coming from certificated leggaly cutted timber from sustainable forests.As a result these woodsare coming from trees which are planted again with the same or even bigger frequency than the one they are cutted.

So all over countries,millions of certificated forest lands exist according to E.P.C or F.S.C standards,from which millions cubics of certificated timber that are promoted to the international market.According to 2005 number data all over the world more than 1.570.000.000 forest acres have been certificated.

All in all,it's clear that by using wooden products we are contributing to forest development and not to their destroy.