Fisilanis G. & Ritsos J.

Soundproofing skills

Wood,in conparison with others materials,presents very good soundproofing skills.Beacause of it's resources structure,wood includes a great percentage of empty areas,each one of which traps the sound and reduce the resonans.Because of the reason refered,wood is the only material ideals for frames regarding to the city's noises and our need for quiet and tranquillity.When we are returning to our houses.

Nowadays special soundproofing doors are constracted in the form of a compact constraction with repeated layers,with the interference of a soundproofing core between two wooden that reduse the sound to the minimum.

Regarding the windows constraction,double glasses or the multiple ones with interior gap,thick and complex panels of glass consicted of glass layers and interim audio films contribute to the constraction of the woods frames and increase significantly their soundproofing skills.