Fisilanis G. & Ritsos J.

Wood and energy saving

Soundproofing,protection against bad weather conditions and our assurance from exteriors dangers are same of the basic reasons for which frames are used.

For a frame to be produced,from any kind of material,a certain amount of energy is consumed so enviroment is aggravated.WWF,the internationalorganization for enviroment's protection refers in a published report,that wooden frames are the most friendly to the enviroment in a comparison with the frames made from all the other materials.In this report,is mentioned 8 times more energy than this one needed when wooden are produced.

In reference to energy consumption that is required for production of aluminium windows this is greater than the one of the pvc windows, as a grat amount of electricity is required for the electrolysis of the materials from its raw materials.

We could also refer to American Ministri of energy as a representative example regarding energy consumption that is needed for aluminium production especially it is mentioned of electrical energy per product and generally the haviest of all industries.Numbers actually are undeniable:american aluminium industry consumes adequate energy to cover the needs of 7 millions households annually.